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This trait is the main challenge for these natives. These people do not have any fear. If they are not aware of their strong inner powers, they risk stinging themselves with their own poisonous needle. Their tendency for mystic can be utilized to obtain successes that other cannot get. People born in November are dominant, strong, but also private. They are endowed with excellent intuition, but they have to learn to control their strong emotionality. They also use these qualities to reach their goals. Despite these strengths, they are however weak when it comes to love. November is the month of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

If you are born in the first half of the month, you are governed by Scorpio, hence by Pluto. Scorpio native is decided, refined, mysterious and curious, but also jealous and sly. The Scorpio can fascinate because of his strong character, especially because it has something mysterious in it.

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Their will and desire to assert individuality, the instinct of preservation, tenacity and perseverance, a way of thinking and acting strongly influenced by feelings - are very pronounced features in the Scorpio, which can be added to good knowledge and objective awareness, pride and self-esteem. The Scorpio can successfully embrace a career as researcher and psychologist. For him, death and resurrection are not mere figures of speech. He knows the peaks, as well as the depths of existence. Because he is permanently under pressure, the Scorpio can easily fall into extremes.

His attitude towards others is marked by mistrust. The Scorpio can be cunning, vindictive, aggressive, stubborn and overly jealous. Their health is prone to disease of the stomach, throat nose infections, hemorrhoids, and poisoning. A person of pleasure, the native of Scorpio is his own victim.

November 17 Scorpio Personality

November is classified as a fall month, which has eight letters. To be born in November, the tenth month from the numerology perspective it means that your gemstone is the citrine and the yellow topaz. Your flower is the chrysanthemum. Your main qualities are courage, quietness, successful, fun, and healthy. Skip to main content.

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Birthday Horoscope November 17th Scorpio, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate November

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November 17 Birthdays

Herb Dictionary Learn about what herbs mean. Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning. Beware of emotional closure. Put yourself first and avoid talking just to hear yourself talk. Whatever they need, you will see that it is taken care of. You are very loving and caring. Now, you make sacrifices for those you love, and they appreciate it. Additionally, the November 17 birthday personality is fully determined to get what they want out of life. When you decide on something, it is hard to get you to change your mind.

The November 17 Scorpio birthday people have the intelligence to accomplish many things. You take great pride and care in yourself, and it is easy to see that you are a person of integrity and discipline. If today is your birthday, you tend to look at life in a different light than others. Very possibly on a larger scale than most. You have a great sense of humor. You love to laugh out loud. Spiritual and cheerful, this zodiac birthday person values a meditative nature.

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Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The November 17 astrology predicts that you usually have good instincts when it comes to dissecting the human nature. You have a good nose for those small details that most people overlook. You can be impulsive, insecure and suspecting.

However, if you treat this Scorpio with respect and are honest with them, the chances are that you will win his or her heart. Future of person who born on 17 November is bright. Do You Have Good Karma?

November 17th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Scorpio - Part 1

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! As the November 17 birthday zodiac sign is Scorpio, you are unpredictable and can be misunderstood. As a rule of thumb, you do not trust on first sight. You have to earn the trust of this Scorpion. It is not easy for people to approach you or get close to you because your amour is typically visible. However, when it comes to love, your family says that you do not give up easily. But these people are exposed to the danger of dependence on the pleasure caused by solving the problems of others. In family or professional relationships, these people always have a good idea of how to go smoothly without significant problems; maybe we could say that they are untypical Scorpios.

But they truly have that possibility to keep things, and they feel great in this role, as leaders. It is challenging to get into their complex, homogeneous and challenging character. Their specific world can intuitively be seen only by those who are similar to them. These people who celebrate their birthdays on November 17 are regarded as relentless even in the riskiest life situations because they are not afraid at all. To achieve a goal, they will go to the final, other inaccessible boundaries, without overly reflecting on the consequences. Because of this, they often act unscrupulously, but when you look at things from their perspective, it can be said that they are doing accordingly to their system of values, even if that system is not understandable for others.

These individuals have a powerful system of moral beliefs, and this is the characteristic that sometimes makes them inflexible — this is especially true when we look at their love life; they can be rigid and emotionally closed.


People who are born on November 17 are also complicated to emotionally open, even after a more extended period of time that they spend with their partners, even after their lovers emotionally open to them and have no hidden agendas. Many Scorpios born this day are proud of their calmness and the ability to stay cold when confronted with problems and pressure -this is true almost in every part of their lives, even in love at times , this aspect is certainly not expected since Scorpios are known to be very temperamental, but they are patient in any case.

They will wait for right things in life, and love also, they need to be comfortable, and they need to enjoy in what they are doing — these persons will never stay in a bad relationship. They are gentle in nature, and they tend to haggle sometimes, so these Scorpios born on November 17 should restrain their fiery temper. Their head is beautiful — give more attention to the heart is the main advice that these people should take when it comes to love. They can work very hard whenever want, but these Scorpios do not like to work; and the only option for these people to work is when they find their job to be very interesting, they will accept it no matter how complicated or challenging it can be.

Others easily deceive these people who are born on November 17, but still, they can affect the environment, so these people have to be more strenuous to balance these influences.