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Capricorn Yearly Predictions. Aquarius Yearly Predictions. Pisces Yearly Predictions. But nobody gets to live a perfect, clean life, and this is a week for avoiding shame.

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Your mind might surprise you with the weird and brilliant leaps it makes this week, with the shimmering dreamy images it keeps conjuring up. It would be easy to convince yourself that this kind of thinking is useless, random, and unearned. It might something tangible — a job, a friendship, a city — but it might be something vaguer and harder to see. Maybe your old ways of moving or knowing or seeing are no longer enough.

Even the things that have felt most immutable might be susceptible to change this week.

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  • This might feel like a vulnerability at first, but wait a bit and you can feel something opening inside you, strong as steel and strange as the sea. You might feel the quiet bitterness of being underestimated this week.

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    This week, give yourself permission to correct them gently, and then give yourself permission to become a little sharp about it, too. This week, you can watch the sky change colors above your head, blue and pink and black, and you can watch the moon slowly change shape, and you can give yourself permission to keep changing, too. This week, try to stop driving yourself wild with the desire for people to be other than who they are. Right now, you carry everything you need in your own body. Right now, nobody else can stand between you and your own quiet brilliance. If you start feeling lonely, remember that other people hold vast, electric worlds inside them, too.

    This is a week for paying attention to the questions and doubts and insecurities that seem simple at first — inconsequential, shallow, and beneath you.